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Harry Does History on YouTube 

Harrogate to The Pyramids 

on   a   Bicycle !  

 Harry  has decided to  go on an adventure, and  I'm hoping you will join    me...

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In 1878 the first ever bicycle club was founded in Harrogate. Over 100 members of the soon to be Cyclist Touring Club arrived on their Penny Farthings and enjoyed a good old jolly across the devastatingly beautiful Yorkshire Dales. So it Only seems fitting this is where I start my adventure.

On the 1st July 2024 I am hoping to cycle from Harrogate to Cairo and be home in time for Christmas. As yet the furthest I have travelled on a bicycle in one go is... 86km. Despite this I am confident that with the promise of all of the incredible sights and experiences along the way and lots of choccy biccies, will be plenty motivation.


I am doing this because when I was 14 I was lucky enough to visit Cairo for the the first time. The Pyramids unfathomable size, incomprehensible age, is what inspired me to follow history and most likely why I set up the Free Walking Tour of Harrogate. It was also the last holiday I would have with my father and have always dreamt of returning. Combined with my yearning for an adventure whilst my knees still work, why not combine the two!

Given that this seems to be a little out of the ordinary and something that interests people when I tell them. I would be silly not to try and raise a little money and awareness for a charity I care deeply about. Artizan International.

Artizan transform the lives of differently-able people, who would otherwise be living in poverty and/or isolation, through high-quality crafts training & social enterprise In Ecuador and Peru as well as their café and social enterprise Organics project in Harrogate that provides supported training & hands-on work experience for young adults with learning disabilities. People with disabilities in the UK and the developing world often are socially isolated, have reduced access to education, and are excluded from employment. They have skills, talents, and abilities and would just like to be given the same opportunities to shine as everyone else.  Aritzan's mission is to enable, empower, and support differently able people to reach their full potential.


If    you    only    give    once    a    month, please    think    of    Artizan    next    time 

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Follow the journey...

Harry Does History 

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